May 2, 2020

Charlotte Moore finds a morally powerful, exhausting and extraodinary novel in ‘ Alone in Berlin’ by Hans Fallada. Alone in Berlin [Hans Fallada, Michael Hofmann] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Otto, an ordinary German living in a shabby apartment. Inspired by a true story, Hans Fallada’s Alone in Berlin is the gripping tale of an ordinary man’s determination to defy the tyranny of Nazi rule.

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In the wake of the war, Fallada worked several farmhand and other agricultural jobs in order to support himself and finance his growing drug addictions. The story is a fictionalized account of the true story of a working class couple that distributed postcards anonymously throughout Berlin urging Germans to revolt, sabotage and generally undermine the Nazis whenever possible. I hate the uncertain indecisive moments until I am absorbed again by a story. I appreciate the fact that the writer did not go through in describing in detail the tortures and the way of interrogating, but still he doesn’t lose the ability to create feelings pity, anger, despair for the heroes.

Karlemann may be in the SS and “bad rumours were flying about”, but Eva knows “Karlemann wouldn’t do that sort of thing. While in a sanatorium, Fallada took to translation and poetry, albeit unsuccessfully, before finally breaking ground as a novelist in with the publication of his first book Young Goedeschal. Though written in the prose was very modern in my view. God help you if you fall into their clutches. Alone in Berlinwith its emphasis on the solitude in which moral choices are made, and the human loneliness of those who are persecuted, forces the reader back on very difficult questions.

Jun 18, Nicholas During rated it liked it. In many ways the book had shad I have to say I was looking forward to reading this book greatly. In some film adaptions and translations it is her brother. R udolf Ditzen, who wrote under the name Hans Falladalived a chaotic life. A good insightful read. Once this has been accomplished, they are stealing from and cheating each other.

So he writes this heavy handed tale of Good Germans tragically bucking the regime and taking pity on old Jews, with some healthy socialist realist love for the worker and the peasant thrown in.


The extraordinary texture of Alone in Berlin comes from the way in which everything is observed and represented as if “from below”, from within this dynamic of humiliation and terror, and yet the representation is sharp, exact, ironic, devastating. Views Read Edit View history. These issues manifested themselves in multiple suicide attempts.

Yet even when the couple is captured, learn that their postcard campaign accomplished nothing, and they are condemned to death, Falluda captures their dignity. Fallada had a very difficult time upon first entering fallads in This is a long, laborious novel written more like a police report.

Sometimes, the only result was simply knowing that you had tried to resist. I didn’t really like this book that much. The witness who stands up in court to sing a Lutheran hymn seemed to me as honest as the old peasant couple who beg for clemency in a letter that begins: But it’s the double miracle of translation which gives us Fallada’s allne in English as Alone in Berlin.

In the end, the Gestapo …more We have a choice, even when it seems that things are hopeless and the world is going in the fallzda direction to our values. For the Quangels at least, their resistance had become something the futility qlone which they blinded out but which gave them the rewarding feeling of personal courage and moral superiority. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

But courage and integrity still exist.

The path of least resistance

And if you are trying to make a point about morality and art during such an beflin time, you better make it good. But I don’t think it was that well done. Perhaps the main contribution I can make to the discussion of this book is a bit of a meditation on the translation of the title.

I was looking forward to reading this much vaunted novel, written by Hans Fallada just after the Second World War ended, the author having lived in Nazi Germany throughout that era. Because of both boys’ inexperience falada weapons, it was a bungled affair. In the family relocated to Leipzig following his father’s appointment to the Imperial Supreme Court.

Alone in Berlin by Hans Fallada (3 star ratings)

I feel badly that I did not like this book more. As well in real life it was her brother. Also when poor protagonist realizes that nobody is reading his letters, and that his campaign against the Nazis has come to nau I didn’t really like this book that much.


As a result, he immersed himself in books, eschewing literature more in line with his age for authors including Flaubert, Dostoyevsky, and Dickens. Surely one of the benefits of not being in school is not forcing myself to finish books like this; my giving up is anyway not meant as a slight to the historic importance the novel may have.

Often at times like that I will abandon a book out of irritation or frustration, but something about this kept me pressing onward.

There were a host of characters that passed in and out of the Quangel’s life and of course many of them were members of the Nazi party which the Quangel’s refused to join. I’ve been picking this up and hanns it down again for months, but now I’ve found a much easier work to read in German and want to close my account with Fallada, as it were. What is the lesson to our times? Both the Nazi family and the thugs in the apartment block see the Jewish lady as potential prey to enrich themselves.

Mar 02, Dilisha rated it liked it.

It was one of the few books I can recall presenting Germans in jn human light, and showing ordinary Germans during the Nazi yemach shemo period struggling with the problems of addressing right and wrong while wondering why their Jewish neighbors should be taken away for no reason, yet also the fear of doing anything, and the pervasive control of the Nazi party over all aspects of German life during that period. It is great on the drudgery and savagery of Berlin as the war closes in on its inhabitants.

Books by Hans Fallada. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.