May 8, 2020

Allan Holdsworth had one of the most distinctly original voices of any Much has been written about Holdsworth’s legato technique, speed. Watching Allan Holdsworth perform may leave you with the approach, coupled with a saxophone-smooth legato technique, paved the way for. Allan Holdsworth Extreme LegatoPart One and Part Two q = ° # & œ œnœ œ œ #œ œ œnœ œ œ #œ œ œnœ œ œ#œ œ.

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Oct 9, 4. When he was a teenager, while most budding guitarists were happy with a box position and a couple of chords, Holdsworth decided not to accept the traditional scales, but start again in a way that made sense to him. When you are coming down the scale, keep that same approach, putting a slur between the first and second notes on each string, but just use a pull-off when descending the scale fingering. I often get asked about two topics: We’ve added some “new” guys to the moderator crew.

What that meant was to personally discover what scales could be built from the 12 notes in an octave, by literally writing out every possible combination.

Since there are four notes on every string when using these fingerings, you can also practice adding two slurs in a row on each string of the scale. These scales are built exactly as their name suggests, by playing four notes on each string as you climb up the neck, then simply reversing this approach on the way down.


Bryan TOct 9, For example, you can put all four fingers on a single string and pull off without using your right hand at all. How to play in a modern style and how to break out of legxto patterns.

So go slow with these exercises, and if your hand begins to feel sore or overtired, just take a break, go have a cup of coffee or take the dog for a walk, then come back to this exercise when your hands are fresh. A good way to avoid this is to set the metronome to 8th holssworth and then play one note per click to make sure each note is accurately placed within the bar. A lauded musician who humbly shrugged off any suggestions legati his proficiency. Topics Jazz Guitar Corner.


Most Active Authors Latest Reviews. Do you use four-note-per-string scales in your playing or have a favorite way to practice them in the woodshed? Do you already have an account?

Though not as common as in-position, the CAGED system or three-note-per-string scales, using four notes on each string can help you learn the notes of legsto neck, add more legato to your lines and break you out of box patterns at the same time. Finally, a short study piece is presented that uses all of these concepts.

about Allan Holdsworth and his legato technique | The Gear Page

To help explain his approach, imagine we labelled the 12 notes [E-T]; a five-note scale could be [] or [] or [] and so on and on, to create unique scales there would also be six-note scales, seven-note scales, eight-note scales and so on. No, create an account now. Here is the process I used to work out the notes in the example below.

C Major arpeggio descends chromatically to B to Bb to A, but the inversions change, notes are left out and the phrase ascends the fretboard, making the side-step less aloan.

A pub musician light years from Mustang Sally.

Add vibrato from the trem if you have one and use a delicate touch. An enviable technique always in the service of expressive, egoless music. Again, there are endless possibilities in how this can be employed. If you are using the fingering instead ofyou can use a slide between the first two notes so that the slur becomes a slide plus a hammer on the way up and a slide plus a pull-off on the way down.

When first digging into a new four-note-per-string scale, such as the F major scale below, you will need to figure out the notes on the scale and build your fingering up from there. Neer and Jason Calieri like this. This type of legato approach is indicative of the Holdsworth style, so if you are going for that sound, this is a variation that you will want to check out and get under your fingers.


However, he disliked the sound of conventional voicings and rarely used notes in octaves.

Holdsworth saw chords as well as melodies emerging from the scale forms. That means that if he’s playing on the E string something like D C B A he picks the D with his pinky, than he plays hammer-ons from nowhere with the other fingers?

Allan Holdsworth’s Four-Note-Per-String Scales | Guitarworld

A laid-back conversational persona, with the unlaziest attitude imaginable to the development of theory, improvisation, rhythm and technique. Depending allam how many frets you have, you may be able to get it up to the key of C, if you have 24 or Bb if you have Go with what works for you and the hands you possess.

He’s well known for holdswort four fingers for string, and I’ve heard many times that he doesn’t use normal pull-off, preferring instead hammer-ons from nowhere. A jazz guitarist without an f-hole, headstock or blues lick. In bar 1, a three-note phrase is transposed down chromatically. To achieve this he learned to play his scales not with just two or three notes per string, but in four-notes-per-string fingerings.

Gain is not maxed out, and he has enormous hands capable of tremendous reach for lines, for chords. Matt Warnock is the owner of mattwarnockguitar. Oct 9, 7. I’ve never been sure about what he does, especially when he’s playing descending notes in legato.

The next variation will feature a slur between the second and hodsworth notes on each string.