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Let the Forces of Light bring illumination to mankind. Let the Spirit of Peace be spread abroad. May men of goodwill everywhere meet in a spirit of cooperation. pages (A4 reprint of page original) -The subject of human free will has always contrived to set men’s mental teeth on edge. The fatalist. The Externalisation of the Hierarchy has 31 ratings and 3 reviews. Alex said: Bailey talks about the interrelation of different aspects of life (and huma.

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Alice Bailey

The direct impact between Shamballa and Humanity or between will and intelligence. We use cookies to make sure you can have the best experience on our website. To Them, as They “hold the Will of God in solution, it is one clear note; as They see that Will in motion, it is three abiding chords, carrying outwards into all the worlds the Purpose of the ONE Who for aeons will abide; as They impel that Will to demonstrate, it is seven vibratory tones, drawing out into the reflected worlds the structure of the Plan.

It involves tremendous sacrifice. This difficulty with Judaism still persists and is symbolised for us in the failure bai,ey recognise the Messiah when He came to them in their own country and let it be known that He came to the whole world and not to the Jews alone.

And thus the note, the chords externalizatiln tone produce the Plan, reveal the Purpose and indicate God’s Will. What, in the last analysis, is this Hierarchy? Open Preview See a Problem?

You will note, therefore, that the Hierarchy has been faced with three adjustments as the result of being deliberately “put out of alignment,” though only temporarily, with both Shamballa and Humanity. As you direct yourself towards the Way of the Higher Evolution synthesis emerges.

When this direct line of spiritual, dynamic, electrical energy made its first impact on earth after the Great Council held init first of all awakened men’s thinking in a new and comprehensive way, producing the great ideologies; it aroused their massed desire, and registered obstruction on the physical plane. Books by Alice A. Trivia About The Externalisati It belongs to the United Nations for use or let us rather hope, simply for threatened use when aggressive action on the part of any nation rears its ugly head.

Prophet for a New Age. Strategies of epistemology from theosophy to the new age. The Hierarchy works also through the seven major Ashrams and their affiliated Ashrams, and these “seven which are the forty-nine” represent in their totality the seven rays with their subrays, and are the custodians, transmitters and distributors of the seven ray energies to the seven planetary centres and—via these seven centres—to those in the fourth kingdom in nature as they gradually unfold over the aeons and then, via these, to the seven centres in individual man.

There are [] no hatreds so great or so deep as those fostered by religion. I indicated the new truths which were of significance for the future and for which the truths of the past were a needed foundation, and gave enough in outline and in “seed” concepts to show the lines along which the new world religion, the new political regimes and the new social order could be set up.


The effects of the experiment upon the individuals involved have not proved encouraging; the effect upon the esotericists and aspirants of the world has been most successful and has greatly enhanced the sense of reality, so essential to the recognition of the hitherto unseen Hierarchy. Their belief is that they receive divine energy through meditation and that this energy is transmitted to humanity, so raising spiritual awareness. Times of Havana Publishing Company.

Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! With this item of information you can have no possible concern; the Masters Themselves are only learning the Will of the planetary Logos; the objective of effort in Shamballa is, however, the apprehension of solar Purpose, the Plan of which is working out on the highest levels of our planetary system, just as the Will, Purpose and Plan of Shamballa work out on the three lowest levels of our planetary system.

Alice Bailey – Wikipedia

Other parts got me bored and a few things I disagreed with. The Alice Bailey Inheritance. The song Ancient of Days from the Extsrnalization of Wonder album appears to be a reference to a Bailey concept found in such books as The Externalization of the Hierarchy.

Much of the ladder is constructed with current events WW2 and so on in mind, with a recognition of what kind of emphasis human beings should h Bailey talks about the interrelation of different aspects of life and humankind interwoven throughout the world.

Then the task of the new alignment with humanity will be started and the great work undertaken which will proceed for several hundred years. Describing and Evaluating a Growing Movement.

The Externalization of the Hierarchy – Alice Bailey – PDF Drive

Ross describes Bailey’s teachings as emphasizing the “underlying unity of all forms of life”, and the “essential oneness of all religions, of all departments of science, and of all the philosophies”.

To the extent that this was so, mankind in the World War was the unhappy victim of spiritual circumstance; however, from the angle of man’s historical past, humanity was the engineer of its own fate; but it took both the esoteric activity of Shamballa and the exoteric activity of humanity over a millennia of years to precipitate the conditions which made this new alignment possible and brought about the sealing still being carried slowly forwardand plunged mankind into the vortex of war.

Bailey described a concept of racial differentiation that posited a division of humanity into races that are on different levels in a “ladder of evolution”. Author Steven Sutcliffe wrote that Bailey’s “World Goodwill” organization was promoting groups of “world servers” to, as he quotes Bailey, “serve the Plan, Humanity, the Hierarchy and the Christ”.

It is preparatory in nature, testing in its methods, and intended to be revelatory in its techniques and results. The Christ, therefore, has to add to all the many objectives which occupy His attention still another—the effort to avert a final war. Something intended is being brought about and it cannot be avoided. This was symbolised for us at the Crucifixion when the Saviour hung pendant between heaven and earth. According to the Encyclopedia of Women And Religion in North Americaseveral leaders of New Age philosophy have further developed Bailey’s teachings, including the well-known personalities JZ Knight who channels the entity known by the name RamthaHelen Schucman author of A Course in Miracles through the process of telepathic dictation she called “scribing”and Elizabeth Clare Prophet who published what she referred to as “dictations from Ascended Masters”.


The second activity is one leading towards a much closer relation between the Hierarchy and Humanity; this will lead eventually to the externalisation of certain of the Ashrams, and later to the appearance of the Hierarchy on earth, bringing the new revelation.

Since I have hinted at much of this, and my activities carried forward with these things in view have followed the sequence outlined below: Many of the spiritual factors surrounding the period of human history from to are presented in this book. She left with their three children after formal separation in This is the most important statement in this message, as far as humanity is concerned.

Children of the New Age: Bailey’s ideas about race were criticized by Victor Shnirelman, a cultural anthropologist and ethnographer, who in a survey of modern Neopaganism in Russia, drew particular attention to ” It found its course impeded and discovered it was faced with barriers. O her The Destiny of the NationsBailey described a process by which this “new race” will evolve, after which “very low grade human bodies will disappear, causing a general shift in the racial types toward a higher standard.

Bailey talks about the interrelation of different aspects of life and humankind interwoven throughout the world. This achieved a climax at the time of the three Festivals inwhen a momentous decision was taken involving, among other results, the eventual externalisation of baiey Hierarchy arid the reappearance of the Christ. These ‘”races” do not represent a national or physical type but a stage of evolution. It is enthusiasm in the spiritual sense which is lacking today, even among those who see the Mind of Christ and the Plans of the Hierarchy as existing in factual usefulness; those who have for years read my teachings on goodwill with real belief in what I say but who evidence no willingness to sacrifice time or money, ot the growth bakley the movement.

John’s College, Cambridge University, England, For instance, the noted contemporary Theosophical writer Geoffrey Hodson wrote a highly favorable externalizatjon of one her books, saying, “Once more Alice Bailey has placed occult students in her debt.