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MICRON QUICK START OWNER’S MANUAL. (ENGLISH). Connection Diagram. Connecting AC Power. Before making any power connections, make sure the. maintenance and repair of the Alesis device. Together with the User Reference. Manual, this document provides a complete description of the functionality and. micron – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total:

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Alesis Micron Service Manual 41 pages. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting If you experience problems while operating your Micron, please use the following table to check for possible causes and solutions before contacting Alesis customer service for assistance. Micron uses the standard MIDI bank select protocol, wherein the bank number is equal to cc 32, plus mcron cc 0.

Use the [octave] buttons to the left of the display to transpose the keyboard up and down to cover that range. Page 4 Store your changes! Remember, this will edit the Setups Setup options 2 of 2: Page Index This page is intentionally left blank. Modulation Fortunately, the Micron is willing to lend you a helping hand—twelve of them, in fact.

Documents, presets, manuals Alesis Micron – Audiofanzine

This option affects the velocity values Congratulations on your purchase of the Alesis Micron! In the output stage, the Micron allows you to apply a drive effect, to give the sound a final push and add some compression, distortion, or other amplification effect.


Sus Pedal Sustain Pedal The Micron treats the sustain pedal as if you are holding notes down on the keyboard, keeping notes within the sustain section of the envelope as long as hser sustain pedal is held down.

A triangle wave has a fuller sound than a sine wave, whereas a sawtooth wave has a harsh sonic character. The Micron was designed to make it easy to compose and modify your own Setups. Pattern name Since patterns are listed alphabetically, creative naming can help you move smoothly from one Press and hold any key Playing Patterns Patterns are repeated melodic figures that you trigger from the keyboard.

You can use MIDI to: Quick access to editing The pattern is then sent to the upper part of the split. Rhythms Rhythms Playing Rhythms Press the [rhythms] button next to the control knob.

Otherwise, your changes will be lost when you turn off your Micron.

Alesis micron Reference Manual

Keep turning the control knob clockwise to cycle through screens dedicated to the effects. Send Midi Sysex You can even play other setups without losing your edits. Page of Go. The two beats will otherwise be identical. It just takes a Go into Programs and find a bass sound you like.


Page 78 This selects between the two LFO shapes. What does this mean? Press the [patterns] button to the left of the display.

Page 94 Programs Mod sources Here are the inputs to the modulation matrix: To cycle through different patterns, turn the control knob. MIDI is the communication standard for electronic musical instruments. At any time, the Micron can capture your playing and use it as a pattern. This is the amount of time it takes for the envelope level to drop from the sustain level to zero. For warranty information in all other countries please refer to your local distributor.

Mod Modulation Routing For each of the twelve possible modulation routes, set the source, Quick access Step editing Turn the control knob to cycle through each step.