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The book Alcibiades the Schoolboy was originally written in Italian, in , and then translated into French by, perhaps, Édouard Cléder. Due to the expense of. The book Alcibiades the Schoolboy was originally written in Italian, in , and then translated into French by, perhaps, Édouard Cléder. Results 1 – 8 of 8 Alcibiades the Schoolboy by Antonio; Rawnsley, J. C. (translator) Rocco and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available.

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Jamie MacDonald Jones marked it as to-read May 17, Jill added it Jul 24, This sketch is extremely global, but to the extent it might be shown to be valid in further investigation, Alcibiades is a reminder that we are not dealing with homosexuality, but with homosexualities, and that the first homosexuality to achieve the identity and subculture necessary to deserve that name was precisely the one which is today most despised, even by the dominant strand of homosexuality.

Front matter is interesting and seems well-researched, though I’d need to familiarize myself with more of the source material to be sure. But it is the publisher’s hope that the book should not have lost its rambunctious Carnival atmosphere, though being “not so rude as to trouble the serenity of your spirit.

Ivo marked it as to-read Sep 06, Murray has proposed a model of multiple homosexualities containing three strands, all of which may be present in any culture, but one or two of which always predominate, while the other one or two recede or disappear.

Alcibiades the schoolboy / Antonio Rocco ; translated by J.C. Rawnsley. – Franklin

On one hand, the authorities followed the church in denouncing and fiercely persecuting all sodomy. It has been called “the first homosexual novel”. In this it offers a valuable lesson to modern writers on sexual matters whose dour vocabulary tends to be at odds with the joy which should be at the heart of their subject. Sami Eerola marked it as to-read Jun 22, David marked it as to-read Dec 05, Finally, a translation of the introduction to the French edition has also been included as providing history and context for the earlier appearances of the volume.

Be the first to ask a question about Alcibiades The Schoolboy. Those of God and the law are shown to be irrational inventions and nature is shown to favour the love of men and boys and its consummation. If she gives us pleasure, it is because she wishes it, and thus, by enjoying it, we render homage to the dearest, the wisest, the richest and the kindest of all mothers.


Alcibiades the Schoolboy (book)

The actual dialogue takes 30 of the books 68 pages, the rest an introduction by the translator Michael Hone which puts the work in historical context, both in and in alcibiaxes Greece.

A new edition, still in Italian, appeared in Paris infrom the antiquarian scholar and publisher of erotica, Jules Gay.

Pedro Henrique marked it as to-read Jan 14, Pipkia marked it as to-read Jan 08, Afterword Until now, the history of Alcibiades the Schoolboy in English began, and to all intents and purposes ended, on the back cover of another work of fiction with a similar theme, the Asbestos Diary by “Casimir Dukahz. Teodelina added it May sxhoolboy, Many will be offended by this work and its discussion and consider it a justification of child abuse—es The work by Rocco is alcibiade amazing justification for initiating a sexual relationship between a adolescent boy and an older man, his teacher.

Nor could he foresee the perversity of an age which would see the sexual abuse of boys, which he fiercely denounced himself, as a justification for terrorising men and boys genuinely in love. To ask other readers questions about Alcibiades The Schoolboyplease sign up.

Books by Antonio Rocco. If this model is applied to Western society, one finds that these three strands have varied in strength, or at least in visibility, since the late Middle Ages and early modern period.

There was a profound contradiction over pederasty in early modern Italy. He rose to fame in the mid’s with a series of lewd sonnets composed to accompany Guilio Romano’s infamous erotic “postures,” which had been engraved by Marcantonio Raimondi – a work which survives in only one copy, found in the 20th century after being believed totally lost for years. Views Read Edit View history. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account.

The work was first attributed to Pietro Aretinobut an article in by Achille Neri identified the author as Antonio Roccoa libertine priest and philosopher and member of the Accademia degli Incogniti founded by Giovan Battista Loredan. But more interesting is a denunciation quoted by Dall’Orto regarding sexuality: Eglinton, in his introduction, maintains that is also a deadly parody of the Machiavellian doctrine of expediency. Retrieved from ” https: Writing from a postmodern perspective, his basic paired themes are that the text is a sophisticated critique of the Biblical discourse of Sodom, “silenced” by Philotimes’ refusal to explicitly take it up despite Alcibiades’ reference to it pp.


Alcibiades the Schoolboy (book) – BoyWiki

Finally, a word on this edition. Alcibiades’s schoolmaster Philotimes is dying to consummate his love for his pupil and has to overcome First published in and meant at one level as a lively carnival booklet, this is, both at heart and on the surface, a well-reasoned polemic in favour of pederasty. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Ethan Weird added it Feb 04, The oldest existing copies of the work come from two editions, the title pages of which indicate they were from the printer Juan Wart, of Orange, France, inthe first an octavo of pages, the second a duodecimo of pages.

The same dust jacket text was used for the second printing later that same year as well; the two jackets differ only in the deletion of a note about the Diary which ran across the top of the front cover for the first edition.

Alcibiades The Schoolboy

With regard to the adjective “homosexual,” however, the ground is firmer. Mina Soare added it Dec 10, Perhaps the instructive parallel here is with the other word used to describe the book, the noun “novel. Alcibiades’s schoolmaster Philotimes is dying to consummate his love for his pupil and has to overcome with reason the full array of early modern arguments against sodomy raised by the initially reluctant boy, until the latter is finally alcibbiades to accept him.

Baska marked it as to-read Feb 15, The edition was condemned by the Public Prosecutor in Paris inand again in Lille in Called in his own time the “Divine Pietro” and “Scourge of Princes,” once he was safely dead he gained a further title, Prince of Blackmailers.

Scott marked it as to-read Jul 11, Regrettably, the book never appeared. Goodreads helps you keep alcibiaees of books you want to read.