June 2, 2020

The Chronicles of Riddick is a novelization of the film, The Chronicles of Riddick. It was written by Alan Dean Foster, a science fiction/horror/fantasy/mystery. The Chronicles of Riddick by Alan Dean Foster Genre: Science fiction, space opera, dystopia Publisher: Del Rey Books (December ). The Chronicles of Riddick by Alan Dean Foster, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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The only real value the book has and the reason I bothered giving it this 1 star rating is in the brief history of the Necromonger Lord Marshalls tacked on as an afterword.

Dec 16, PointyEars42 rated it did not like it Shelves: Something I liked about this book in comparison to the movie is that you can easily see how the characters feel.

Two stars because there were some parts that were readable, but this cake is not worth the bake unless you are a true Riddick fan. Its only a short read, however it’s still very enjoyable.

The Chronicles of Riddick (novelization)

Feb 25, Nate rated it really liked it Shelves: This is not the Alan Dean Foster I remember. A story of a superman — he can see in the dark; he can dislocate his joints and still have strength to manhandle his enemies; he can ridddick wild beasts: That was the point of the movie that this novel was based on. Riddick, who is able to do whatever is hte to escape capture, or, failing that, gets back to doing his task of the moment, which is to kill the leader of the Neckomongers.


This has to rate as one of the worst movie novelisations I’ve read in years, it’s as though the author just took the riedick and wrote the book with his eyes closed. I couldn’t even begin to tell you what it was, but something was definitely missing for me. Fortunately, this book was not just about Riddick and the perspective quite often changed.

It does to the screenplay what the theatrical version did: However, the movie was more realistic. Vintage movie tie-in paperback. On Vaako’s ship, the Purifier’s questioning crhonicles Vaako about doubts is extended.

Mogsy is Currently Reading. Everything was told, over and over and over, to the detriment of what is actually a decent story.

The Chronicles of Riddick

Native fauna in described. Primal yet exacting, the ultimate word conservationist, quick witted, and strong beyond understanding. Overall it’s a fun tale with adventure and excitement. The movie moment is powerful and the line “Are you with me Kyra? Thank you, Alan Dean Foster.

Hhe 30, Michael rated it did not like it. Apr 12, stormhawk rated it liked it Shelves: But stories that are so archetypal are not known to be nuanced.

Riddick’s touchdown rifdick Helion Prime is extended – the stolen ship buries itself in a sand dune to escape detection. While dealing with fosster officers that are after him, Riddick must also face the dead worshipping Necromongers. Extended Crematoria intro – guards disposing of the body of a colleague by dumping it outside; the guard’s death is the reason for a mysterious prisoner ‘s confinement. I am a big lover of the initial parts of the Riddick series Pitch Black and the director’s cut of Chronicles of Riddick and a fan of Alan Dean Foster’s work.


The Chronicles of Riddick – Alan Dean Foster – Google Books

The Director’s Cut of “Chronicles of Riddick” the movie is a stark contrast to the theatrical release; the DC could arguably be one of the best scifi pieces done to date. You see, when I watched the movie I must have missed this part, and it certainly wasn’t repeated. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The hhe in the Necromonger command ship is extended, identifying the Purifier as something of a Ala Pope, in charge of all conversion and lower ranking “priests” which also wear ribcage hats.

The content is the same as the movie, which in turn leads me to believe the book was written from the movie script. Kyra in particular is a character of interest, as is the Lord Marshall in his unwavering beliefs, but really, I am here ridsick the Vaakos. Refresh and try again.

The Chronicles of Riddick (novelization) | Riddick Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Pitch Black and subsequently The Chronicles of Riddick are favourite films in my household and I am quite fond of the character of Riddick. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

I was disappointed though — or perhaps pleased with the final movie version of the parting between Riddick and Kyra.