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In order to characterize magnetic braking in the various rreveille field configurations, dedicated experiments have been carried out in KSTAR, applying a variety of static3D fields of different phasing of0, and.

The two main phenomenological features of the rotation reversal are the normalized toroidal rotation gradient change in the gradient region and the existence of an anchor point.

These results were acceptable for the plasma facing and structural materials. The limiter shape was designed to smoothly distribute the heat flux over two strike lines. A systematic theory on the TCM is established based on a multiplier blanket model. Abstract This paper addresses nuclear analysis on the Korean fusion demonstration reactor K-DEMO divertor to estimate the overall trend of nuclear heating values and displacement damages. Abstract The temporal-spatial structures of plasma flows and turbulence around tearing mode islands are presented.

The methodology has been experimentally validated in the Large Helical Device for the electron heat transport channel. When the inhomogeneity of radial electric field became strong enough, the inferred value was close to its neoclassical one at the later ELM-free H-phase until 1st type-I ELM onset.

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Several consequences and new developments are derived from the general result that the global disruption force acting on the perfectly conducting wall must be tli opposite to the similar force acting on the plasma, which is inherently small in tokamaks. Candidate control schemes for basic magnetic control, including divertor operation and kinetic control of the electron density with gas puffing and pellet injection, were developed.

The non-linear component is analyzed using the Volterra series, which is the non-linear generalization of transfer functions. Their poloidal standing-wave structure was confirmed and described for the first time in diverted plasmas.

A parabolic relation between skewness and kurtosis of density fluctuations seems to be present. Commissioning of the auxiliary heating systems is erveille as well as support functions for stray field topology and real-time plasma boundary reconstruction. Gelfusa and JET Contributors. Electron cyclotron resonance heating with different modulation frequencies by two gyrotrons has been used to directly quantify the amplitude of the non-linear component at the inter-modulation frequencies.

Exposure akam He plasma pulses caused the formation of fine cracking network on W samples which occurred at a higher density and smaller depths compared to H pulsed plasma irradiation. The key concerns regarding the blanket design for tritium production under temperature field control are depicted. Also the concept of a disruption force damper is proposed, able to ‘absorb’ a significant part of the force that would arise on a resistive wall during a reveil,e.


The limiters are diagnosed with infrared cameras, neutral gas pressure gauges, thermocouples and spectroscopic diagnostics. The successful performance of a model predictive profile controller is demonstrated in simulations and experiments on the TCV tokamak, employing a profile controller test environment. The proposed methods are applied to the measurement error of the CER, in particular in its high and low operating ranges, as prescribed by the ITER system design description documents, and during transients, which highlight the large time constant related to the shielding of the vacuum vessel.

The achievable plasma current was limited by the maximum operational toroidal field of TST Laam, the frequency still reacts on temporal changes of plasma temperature caused by an auxiliary NBI heating as well as those induced by periodic sawtooth crashes. The key result, which somewhat confirms previous studies, is reveikle the ion energy transport channel is dominated by the ITG instability, which becomes stronger at higher densities due to the reduction in impurity content as such, reduction in dilutionas well as a moderate increase in ion temperature normalized gradient.

The hydrogen yield released from irradiated tungsten samples have been measured using TDS-method.

By varying parameters for neutral beam injection injection energy and injection pitch anglewe find rwveille new stable regions arise due to additional energy exchange between RWMs and hot particles, induced by the hot particles’ rotation. Please select a valid image file.

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In order to improve the fusion energy gain Q of a gas dynamic trap GDT -based fusion neutron source, a method in which the neutral beam is obliquely injected at a higher magnetic field position rather than at the mid-plane of the GDT is proposed.

A simple model including Larmor smoothing was applied, the results of which give a similar prediction to the optical approximation for the temperature of the misaligned edges, within the error of the temperature measurements, though a small decrease in edge temperature is calculated. This study proposes a path for the defect transform from point defect to defect cluster, by the agglomeration between irradiated deuterium and cascade damage-induced defect.

For the final design of the ITER divertor it is important to determine whether shaping of each tungsten monoblock to eliminate leading edges is required or not. This work brings an overview of their electromagnetic properties studied by multi-pin reciprocating probes and magnetic diagnostics. The PCS architecture was also developed to be capable of handling basic control for early commissioning and the advanced control functions that will be needed for future high performance operation.

In this paper, we show that it is possible to estimate second derivatives of electron density and temperature using a nonparametric regression technique known as Gaussian process regression. A high plasma current of 54 kA was non-inductively ramped up and sustained stably for 0. Moreover, it is robust against resistive magnetohydrodynamic MHD instabilities, but does suffer from ideal MHD instability when.


On the other hand, given the limitations of the existing databases, dedicated experimental investigations will have to be carried out to fully understand the impact of radiated fractions on the confinement in metallic machines and in the next generation of devices. Want to watch more videos for this song? Abstract Recent improvements to the heating and diagnostic systems on the ASDEX Upgrade tokamak allow renewed investigations into non-inductive operation scenarios with improved confinement in a full-metal device.

One proposed explanation is that momentum transport is sensitive to the second derivatives of the temperature and density profiles Lee et al Plasma Phys. We also observe that up to the first transition it is possible to use a control method to stimulate the appearance of zonal flows and therefore the confinement of the plasma.

The defect clustering was neither observed on the damaged polycrystalline tungsten without deuterium irradiation nor on the damaged single-crystalline tungsten with deuterium irradiation. Experiments using neon impurity seeding show a promising capability in 3D particle and heat flux control on EAST.

Recent TCV experiments continue previous detachment studies of Ohmically heated L-mode plasmas in standard single-null configurations, benefitting from a range of improved diagnostic capabilities. These are strongly correlated with the L to H-mode transition power threshold P LH and can help explain the isotopic and density dependence of P LHand how the P LH difference is reduced at higher density. Abstract Three dimensional 3D divertor particle flux footprints induced by the lower hybrid wave LHW have been systematically investigated in the EAST superconducting tokamak during the recent experimental campaign.

The few dedicated experiments on this issue that can be found in literature appear to support that claim. To this end, a series of equilibria that can be made in the now latent QUASAR experiment have been identified that will test the predicted transport scalings. However, we have found that higher density was required to sustain larger plasma current. The parallel heat flux profiles are measured on the limiter by means of infrared thermography.

Three dimensional 3D divertor particle flux footprints induced by the lower hybrid wave LHW have been systematically investigated in the EAST superconducting tokamak during the recent experimental campaign. It is revealed that the EAM potential can reproduce correctly the magnitude of the interaction of H with both dislocations as compared to the ab initio results.