April 30, 2020

Read online free Al Shabiba daily newspaper in Arabic (العربية) from Oman: Asia. Al Shabiba. Surf our Website. Address. P.O. Box: City: Ruwi Muscat. Tel: Fax: E-mail: [email protected] Al-Shabiba Mazraa (in Arabic الشبيبة المزرعة) is one of the traditional sports clubs in Lebanon established in , with a long established program in football .

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A page of culture. We are hoping to hear from her today! New sports and business section fronts for Al Shabiba. So, inspired by how dots can be transformed from dots to a mere checkmark, or what looks to me like the Nike logo, Osama shows me his shabibaa here.

Could this be the final Al Shabiba logo? We hope to emerge with a very modern one today. For those now joining thie weekend-long blog conversation: You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

Designers are busy printing latest versions. Along the way, sl discover at least two that we like out of the various offerings from the calligrapher.

Why modernize it and make people try harder to read it. That would be much easier on the eyes and less confusing.

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We think we like what we already have, but apparently the big boss wants to see other versions. The making of the logo involves heavy duty calligraphy, so it is good to have the calligraphers sitting next to us. I now join them with our Garcia Media Europe art director, Jan Shablbato give it all its final touches. Our calligrapher Osama Aljawish just entered the room holding a strip with FOUR versions of the famous logo, as he is still working with thin and thick areas of the sheen.


Nassim was designed to work in small sizes, shabia a dictionary, say, or newspaper columns—a rare achievement. As we are doing final retouching of the Al Shabiba logo, six days prior to launch, we invite you to come to the blog during the weekend and see where our work aal us.

The headquarters of the club is in Mazraa district of BeirutLebanon. Here is our final work of the day. Back to the logo after gala dinner Scenes from dinner to introduce Al Shabiba and Times of Oman redesigns last night in Muscat Making the point: Tuesday report from Oman: We continue to consult with the others.

New sports and business section fronts for Al Shabiba A page of culture An inside page of news Down to the wire and dreaming of sheens It should be no surprise to anyone reading this blog over the weekend, that I would see me drawing sheens in my dream last night. We are still going at it, and will keep you updated. Ariss himself may join forces with a young Arabic designer and create the Arabic version of his legendary US product.

Online Al Shabiba Arabic (العربية) Newspaper Today Epaper

What the CEO says…. On the issue of the Al Shabiba logo: We use it for Al Shabiba. Also, I give you a glimpse of the section fronts for Al Shabiba: How can one go modern, but not sacrifice the charm of the Arab character shxbiba the alphabet.

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Meanwhile, as we came into the building thru a backdoor today, I noticed a very old Al Shabiba logo still sitting at the top of the door.

An inside page of news. Front page, business section front, sports section front.

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The club also had international participations. Of course, the CEO is telling us: Views Read Edit View history. Here are a few ahabiba recent releases that could be of use in a contemporary newspaper or magazine: The differences here are in the positioning of those dots, or whether they are looking up or down, bunched up or separated.

Last night we introduced the new design of Al Shabiba and Times of Oman to the world, and we got applause for it. This diagram shows the logo we considered finalist last night, with corrections suggested by Nadine Chahine shabiva Prof.