August 31, 2020

Press Command-Shift-D to De-authorize Adobe Digital Editions. You can restore the backup copy of the Adept key by doing the following. Ran It found the key and saved as ” ” in the same directory where is. Then, I ran (v2. This will create the file in the same folder. Now, run the second script with wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Python27/

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Wdeptkey will show how to strip DRM protection. Find in the internet two text files: Save them in your folder, we will need these files a little bit later. I used version 1. File name is python De at your ineptkey. Important to understand, that it is your own key, which can be applied to all books you buy in the future.

Things may change with Digital Editions and the possibility to retrieve the key may not be available anymore.

Type in required information and click Decrypt. Try to open your pdf book in Acrobat Reader now. Sometimes while browsing inside the decrypted books, you may see the Adobe Acrobat error: There was a problem reading this document Or there could be another error: Acrobat may not display the page correctly. Please contact the person who created the PDF document to correct the problem.

I had to install macPorts and Xcode first before being able to install the crypto modules. Thanks for your step by step clearly guide. Now, I just want to share with anyone who has tried to remove DRM with older version of software and fail. My sugestion is always use a clean system with the latest version tools!!! I guess the ineptkey. Thank you for sharing your ideas, I think it is a valuable suggestion that clean system should be used, thanks again!

All I want to do is to be able to print my Adobe Digital Editions file. Why did you click on that? You double-click on ineptpdf. Thanks for the great info. I do have Acrobat 9 Professional. Try to scroll slowly to see if you could see those pages helped me onceor look for a different PDF viewer, like http: I tried to hold the control button when I click the ok button while error shows up. But foxit can read the decrypted pdf with no error. All pages show up correctly. For those of you experiencing the Adobe Acrobat error: I used the default options for my PDF, but you can fine tune as necessary 3.


You will now have a chance to pick a new name for the optimized PDF and then click Save 5. I expect Adobe had developed a work-around to this method. I have a ebook with this error: Adobe Digital Edition 1. I tried the steps in the how to…I could not find the inekey. I then tried downloading the scripts from pastebin, the ineptpdf. I have the same problem that nothing happens when I click on ineptkey. I got version 5 with this revision history: Until that step ev.

Hi, I have the same problem, I have ineptkey. When I double click ineptkey, nothing happens, please help. I got the same problem with Dave Veilleux, just double click the files which script i got from pastebin and not any of them work, nothing happened: Dear Astrum Apologies for the slow follow-up from my query of 27 Aug last year- a bit distracted and forgot to tick the notify box.

The steps worked well for all my DRMs but one.

Any suggestions on this one? Thanks for that update! I noticed there could be some very specific errors. But when you work with already decrypted document, you can sometimes fix it with other tools. In most cases it help recover file to be read with Acrobat software. So you can try just Foxit free reader, which is not worse than Adobe products. Dear Astrum, Thanks for this great tutorial.

But could you please adeptkfy me in finding the addeptkey 5. I hope these are the latest version? I am unable to find these versions anywhere on the net.

Files are available thru google search, just try. For instance, ineptpdf 8. Come on now, this is I have tried foxit phantomPDF to solve problem. When I want to compare the page by using foxit reader and adobe acrobet reader, I realize adepgkey it has a missing figures.

How can I fix this problem.

DRM Removal tool, all python scripts, Calibre plugins tutorial.

I had try to solve this problem several months ago but it did not. When I read your article I hope that it will work but unfortunately not. I hope you will fix it. Well, I have no remedy for that. The good thing — you can read it for ninety-something percent now. Sorry to bother you but I am having trouble on step 3. I am using a mac with snow leopard I cannot get pycryto to deer. Any help will be greatly appreciated? Try to follow instructions here http: I copied the code from the entry at pasties.


Does it work with locklizard protected PDFs? Traceback most recent call last: IV must be 16 bytes long. Change it to self.

I have downloaded it now, but I am afraid to uninstall version 2 and install version 1. I am new to this issue. Which versions of PYW files do you use? The proved ones are the following: I got ver 5.

These solutions are not supported, so using of exact version which proved to work might help. I have had the same problem using pycrypto 2.

It seems to be a bug which appears in the version 2. Just in case any of you still have problems visualizing some of the pages on your PDFs.

IneptPDF.pyw for Removing PDF DRM

I had this problem with an economics book that had lots of graphs but when opened them in ADE it showed them perfectly. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content [updated 17 Adetpkey ] Like Adobe says: And once you are done, you should see this: Check the folder with the script, there will be the key: Did you use the correct version as per your mac system? I had to install macPorts and Xcode first before being able to install the crypto modules thanks! Hi Astrum, Thanks for the reply.

for Removing PDF DRM

Astrum, many many thanks!!!!! You are the star!!!

Actually I used ineptpdf ver. At which point it fails for you? It worked for me with an encrypted PDF — thank you so much for your tutorial.