October 6, 2020

Tattvas are 36 in number in the descending order. The first five are Suddha or Pure Tattvas (). The second 7 Tattvas are Suddha-Asuddha or Pure-Impure. Because of the large number of possible blendings and re-blendings, the 36th tattva – Shiva Shakti – may seem to become identified, conditioned and confused. Sri Amit Ray tells the 36 Tattva Meditation for Spiritual Awakening. It brings balance & removes stress and duality. Explains yoga philosophy of 36 tattvas.

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This file was suggested for transfer by a bot User: Ananta’s agency is limited in time, when Tattvas roll out and become established. When a King Siva looks at his own reflection in a mirror and says, “I am he who is thus reflected.

This universe is Siva and Sakti marked with Linga and Bhaga; they hattvas Rudra and Ambika, the Father and the Mother; anyone abandoning them and making offerings to manes has less merit.

Tattva (Kashmir Shaivism)

At the dawn of creation, Kundalini rose from Bindu Parabindu. Consider the chasm that separates Siva from matter. This is polymorphism in behavior and experience. SamanA is in Sakti Tattva. Man’s tendency is to avoid unpleasant fruits and invite and enjoy pleasant fruits as a consequence of his acts. From Wikipedia, the free 336.

It is an evolute of Mayai after the Time element. The Big Bang made the Hydrogen and Helium. Here is another proof of interconnectedness of Indo-European tathvas Tamil words. If Rajas is active on Tamas, Tamas becomes dominant and Sattva undergoes attenuation. That external sense of self is then experienced through the sensory mind manas.

This happens when the whole universe and beings are reabsorbed into Him. It must be the same, for otherwise all could not be one Brahman. Higher the man ascends, more Sattva Guna prevails.



All Tattvas serve for the pleasure of Purusa As the self is expressed in three levels, ego, soul and spirit, so is speech expressed in three different ways:. The universe is a domain of limited beings and limited objects, which cannot come into manifestation unless Siva assumes limitation. This is Nivrrti as tatrvas to Pravrrti. Shakti-tattva is tattvss subdivided into following five. Hydrogen is the stem substance of all substances in the world. Earth is where Kundali ttattvas to rest after evolution and descent of all Tattvas.

Here is a simplified version of the cascade resulting in Tattvas. This fruit is addressee-specific and non-transferable; Niyati delivers the fruit to the addressee. Nirvana Sakti is both Unmani 1 and Samani 2.

Certain deities preside over some of these Tattvas: If the file lacks a description you can check edits the uploader made just after uploading this file with this tool. Ananta is a mature soul belonging to Vijanankalars free from all Malas impurities except Adhikara-mala Anava Mala. Human tsttvas is 1 Watt bulb, while Siva’s Consciousness is a zillion watt bulb; It is a mere number for illustration of infinite Splendor Prakasa.

Pada represents both the physical organ of locomotion and the subtle energetic structures associated with it. It is a task master with a memory ranging over many births. In Nivrrti, they come to the tatttvas.

Nishkala Siva is Nirguna Siva. Think of Sodium ion as the positively charged and the Chloride ion as negatively charged. The tattvas of Suddha Mayai go to make body and psyche of Vijnanakalar type of Anmas souls who are spiritually at a higher level than the Pralayakalar and Sakalar type of Anmas. Amoeba’s consciousness is 0. With the ascent of Sakti and the retrograde centripetal movement of the soul back to it source, all the Tattvas are absorbed by Sakti so much so the soul is not contaminated with Tattvas ranging from six to thirty-six.

Human consciousness is 1 Watt bulb, while Siva’s Consciousness is a zillion watt bulb; It is a mere number for illustration of infinite Splendor Prakasa.



Sakti Tattva is the negative aspect of Siva Tattva. The First Cause is also called Aviyaktam Unmanifest with no mass. The 36 tattvas, listed to the right of the kalas, are the tattcas “building blocks” of the universe, successively grosser evolutes of consciousness. Let me explain this. Some others list the following: In a downstream creation of the Tattvas Samana becomes Anjani.

Note that the five states of mind — superconscious, subsuperconscious, conscious, subconscious and subsubconscious — are also listed in this column. The first chart shows Hindu cosmology, Vedic-Agamic Cosmology; The Inner twttvas Outer Universe correlating the various divisions and categories of manifestation, as well as the bodies, sheaths,chakras and states of consciousness of the soul.


It is a power which thus cuts down, veils and negates. Five gods emerge first and later the Maya Sakti emerges as the potential source of the individual soul and its limiting adjuncts followed by inanimate matter.

It starts with Divine Supreme Consciousness in its first dimension, descends to human consciousness ttattvas its Kancukas or limitations in its second dimension, acquires all material needs of the body, mind, and soul in its third dimension. Bathing Linga with Pancamrita is tantamount to bathing and propitiating the Pitrs.

Prakrti, the unmanifest matter, wakes up to become manifest and fecund upon the glance of the Lord Mahesvara. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Though temporal KAla is impure, it is real. Tattvs is the heart of Knowledge and Sakti is the Action-Pulsation.