May 8, 2020

The Infantry Assaultman easily slipped into roles that were not his own and excelled. Why? Nobody really knows, it was just what he did. The Marine Corps is doing away with its infantry assaultman military occupational specialty and phasing out the assault section of Marine. When I realized today was time for Strip #51, I decided to do a tribute to my personal MOS: The Assaultman. It is kind of the odd-ball of the.

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What can we say about the Infantry Assaultman?

That move will likely take place in the next four years. Follow her on Twitter at HopeSeck. With the reassignment of the Javelin anti-tank missile to the TOW missile gunner MOS, it was only a matter of time before the assaultman 035 the way of the buffalo. It is a sad day for many Marines around the world.

0351 Infantry Assaultman

With abnormally high ASVAB scores, the assaultman was a bit of a nerd in the infantry community, but lovable at the same time. He was known as the Ph. He was a renaissance man of the infantry.

But Neller said he’s making changes that will ensure those roles are filled by other members of a rifle company. Most Popular Military News.

When he deployed to Iraq, he said, assaultmn ended up filling the always in-demand role of machine gunner. The Infantry Assaultman easily slipped into roles that were not his own and excelled. At seven Marines in a company assault section, three companies in a battalion, and 24 battalions in the Marine Corps, the move will leave more than spots available in the service to fill other jobs.


Trump Slowing Down Troop Pullout from Syria Graham had been an outspoken critic of Trump’s decision, which had drawn bipartisan criticism.

The Marine Corps is doing away with its infantry assaultman military occupational specialty and phasing out the assault section of Marine rifle companies in an effort to build up communities such as cyber and electronic warfare, Military. Current Edition Subscribe Digital Edition. But more women are joining the military, and they are bucking the pattern.

The infantry assaultman, one of the Marine Corps’ five core infantry positions, is tasked with breaching, demolition, and rocket fire against fortified positions.

The engineers will carry the SMAW, but they may not be the only ones. Robert Neller, who confirmed planning in December while on an annual tour of deployed Marine elements around the world, said he expects the move to happen in the next three to five years as part of a slate of changes designed to help the Corps prepare for future fights.

Ode to the infantry assaultman

Marine charged in murder Iwakuni monkey warning Jungle jammies coming Blackwater is back? Unlike more technologically sophisticated jobs such as cyber and electronic warfare that measure professional training in years, new assaultmen take a few months to train.

Originally published at American Grit. Poll Shows Veterans’ Support for Trump Is Strong Male veterans were much more likely to approve of Trump than those who haven’t served, 58 percent to 46 percent.


Each future rifle company will have an element of combat engineers aligned with it to take on assault,an and demolition duties. Maximilian Uriarte, creator of the Terminal Lance webcomic that is hugely popular within the Marine Corps, has written in the past about his time as an infantry assaultman.

He had to be. But in the absence of a major plus-up, planners are looking for trade-offs.

DVIDS – Video – Infantry Assaultman

Navy Will Automate Enlisted Advancement Worksheets for Promotion-Eligible Sailors The elimination of the paper forms is “designed to streamline our advancement worksheet processes. If the Marine Corps eventually does get the larger plus-up it’s after, Neller said, it could always bring the assault section back.

Do you need a asaultman MOS for that? Where you perhaps short on manpower and needed someone to man a machine-gun and understand how to employ it?

Ode to the infantry assaultman

Guided Missile Destroyer’s Command Master Chief Fired Navy officials said they assaultmann identified misconduct during an ongoing investigation. In an interview with Military. Need a hole blown in a wall with a sophisticated demolition charge?