01 SAMSS 035 PDF

01 SAMSS 035 PDF


January 6, 2021

SAMSS Home · SAMSS Descripción: 35 Author: Cherukunnon Jubu. 29 downloads Views KB Size. Report. Materials System Specification SAMSS API Line Pipe Materials and Corrosion Control Standards Committee Members Anezi. SAMSS Carbon Steel Pipes On-Plot – abr – Materials System in accordance with Saudi Aramco specification SAMSS

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Means shall be provided to mark the pipe when the nondestructive inspection equipment indicates an imperfection is present so that anomalous areas can be readily identified. If the vendor begins manufacturing valves prior to the drawing approval, he does so at his own risk.

The indentation on the weld metal shall be separated from the indentation on the HAZ by at least 0. For thicknesses in excess of 1.

01 samss 035

Materials and Corrosion Control Issue Date: Page 16 of In addition, the first produced pipe shall be tested after changing the production line equipment settings. For each section containing cracks only, a photograph shall be taken of the complete cross-section.

Reference to Class I service has been discontinued because PSL 2 pipe ordered to this specification meets the requirements for Class I service by default. Additional Information to be Supplied by the Purchaser [modification] Paragraph a shall be applicable for all purchase orders.

Originalinvestigatio n Peerdeviance,parenta ldivorce. Overweight and Obese, Physical When a seat sealant injection fitting is required, a check valve shall be installed in the body wall under the sealant injection fitting. For sizes up through 12 inches nominal diameter, test one pipe per lengths.


If the pipe is identified in the Purchase Order as being intended for subsequent internal coating, the maximum length of any individual pipe shall be Working practice for qualification shall be submitted to Saudi Aramco for approval. Specimens must be firmly mounted to promote acceptable test results.

These control samples shall have demonstrated HIC-cracking sensitivity, i. II Conflicts and Deviations A. The size of the lettering shall be commensurate with the diameter of the pipe, but in no case less than 19 mm in height for API markings and 13 mm in height for shipping markings. The value shall be marked on each end on both the I. Annex K is mandatory for all seamless pipes irrespective of service.


Page 28 of See commentary in 9. Daily Language Review Author: Removal of outside weld reinforcement from the pipe ends is needed to facilitate the movement of the automatic ultrasonic probe as part of pipeline field automatic welding requirement.

Form HIC Testing: The marking shall ensure full traceability to melt and heat treatment lot. Should the Vendor’s HIC test results be rejected by Saudi Aramco, re-testing may be referred to an independent 3rd party laboratory acceptable to Saudi Aramco for resolution. The Quality Program documents shall be made available to the Buyer’s Representative for review and audit.

Body — SS, spring – Inconel, ball – Monel. Seamless pipes shall not be delivered in the as-rolled R or Normalized rolled conditions; a separate heat treatment cycle shall be conducted using a designated heat treatment facility. This report shall include the mandatory requirements specified below: For seamless pipe, at least four hardness measurements shall be sa,ss in each of the following locations on the polished specimen cross-sections: Shielded Metal Arc Welding ssmss an acceptable process for carrying out weld repairs.


However, two additional joints of pipe or pieces of plate may be selected at random from the same heat for further testing. Testing shall be carried out on all heats only. The cut shall be degrees from the spiral weld.

01 Samss Pdf – eBook and Manual Free download

The defects listed below shall be disregarded: The maximum human operator force required to seat or unseat the valve at the maximum specified differential pressure damss not exceed N 60 pounds at the rim of the hand-wheel. Small steel threaded and socketweld end valves that are accessories to the main valve, shall have a minimum body rating equivalent to API STDClass The acceptance criteria shall be as follows: It is applicable to pipe with wall thickness of 0.

Pipe furnished from Vendor inventory may be accepted with the standard API test pressure by negotiation. Page 13 of 28 Document Responsibility: If the cracks are located partly within 1. Results of cracking evaluation. These length restrictions shall be stated in the purchase order. On SAW pipe, local out-of-roundness deviation from the normal cylindrical contour of the seam shall not exceed 0.

The true confessions of charlotte doyle ch The assumed residual stress shall be computed using the following formula: