Great for a Short Commute to School

When my wife and I both got accepted into graduate programs at the University of Missouri Kansas City campus, we eventually ended up looking for apartments for rent in Shawnee KS. That search didn’t take place right away, unfortunately, as we moved down here without understanding the geography of the city. My advice is to never do that. We ended up living in a really rough part of town. After the second car break in, my wife and I decided we needed to move quickly. A professor at the school suggested we look for an apartment in Shawnee, Kansas.

It’s over the border but well within the metro area, so we checked into it. Just driving around the city was a breath of fresh air. It’s much cleaner than KC and it looks a lot safer. The people seem happy, too, so we dug in and eventually found a great apartment in the area. My wife was very impressed with the amenities and of course loved the idea of having access to a pool during the hot summer months. Personally I like that they have a basketball court since I love shooting hoops in my spare time. It helps keep the stress levels down.

We didn’t really splurge since we are students, so we got a one bedroom apartment. It’s got a ceiling fan and we were even able to hook up a washer and a dreyer so we don’t have to spend time carting our clothes to a laundromat. The drive to school, while longer than it was before, is still pretty stress free. We like it here so much that we have no plans to leave until we are finished with our degrees in a couple of years. If we can find jobs in the area, we’re likely to stay here much longer.