One Cheap Way- and One Costly Way- to Dramatically Improve Skin Tone

Some skin treatment options are expensive and some are basically free. This is no good way to determine how to tackle poor or mediocre skin. The two examples provide an insight into this spectrum of cost. It may also shed some light on why cost is only a small consideration.

Bacteria and Avoidance

It costs nothing to avoid bacteria getting on the face. Bacteria is the biggest contributor to bad skin (aside from genetics) and present bacteria will exasperate any potential problems. So how does one minimize bacteria without spending any money? The answer is by not touching the face. Hands carry upwards of 4,000 different bacteria, and they just love to settle in the skin on the face.

There is another serious-minded method for improving skin tone. This is especially useful for women who can’t just sit around. They need something more. Though this method is a little pricey, it is absolutely worth it. What is the costly way?

Use Special Products

Mass market products are cheap, affordable, and easy to get hands on. But, all of this comes at a cost. At the end of the day, the products are inferior to what can be found through alternative markets. Go online and dig around to find products that are special and unique. Some of these products are a little left-of-center. This means that few women use them regularly because they are not considered basic. See, the only products to get covered in major stores are one’s that are proven to sell in massive numbers. So, the companies stick to what is obvious. This includes basic moisturizers and cleansers. The online world is a little different. Innovative products are easier to find. Visitors can find moisturizers with added vitamins or toners that excel beyond the basic. There is a whole lot more to appreciate when it comes to these innovative and peculiar products- items that won’t be found squished between shelves at the Wal-Mart.

So one method costs nothing, but it can have a huge impact. The other method is obviously proactive, but a little pricey. The best thing to do? Find a method that works and stick with it. It takes too long to find the right thing. Also visit for more possible tips.