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Three Methods for Cleaning Your Diamond Jewelry

Wearing diamond jewelry for a long time exhausts its radiance and gloss. We cannot avoid on smearing or staining them when we wear them. Even when not wearing them, they tend to collect dust. When we apply lotions, soaps, fragrances, or natural skin oils while we currently wear them makes them blurry and grimy which lessens their true shine. In order to make your diamond jewelry look new again, you need to learn on how to tidy up those stones. A little of your time and care will only be needed in order to make your diamond jewelry look good again.

First, you need to collect all the materials need for the cleaning. You will need a small soft brush, such as an eyebrow or lipstick brush, soap/detergent,water, strainer, lint free cloth and a small bowl. Make a warm sudsy water solution in the bowl using the soap/detergent and water. Descend your diamond jewelry after incorporating the mixture. Proceed to brush the diamonds as they sit in the soapy solution. After cleaning, rinse the jewelry underneath cool water using a small strainer. Lastly, pat your diamond jewelry dry with a lint-free fabric.

When your diamond jewelry needs a more complex cleaning, you need to use ammonia and water mixture to clean it with. Make your solution by mixing water and ammonia with equal portions, then submerge your diamond jewelry for about half an hour. After submerging, carefully brush each stones. After brushing the item, return it to the bowl. Reiterate those steps for the remaining jewelries. After all the items have been cleaned and returned to the solution, swish them around for a few seconds then remove them. Wash and dry the diamonds just like the steps mentioned from the preceding paragraph. An alternative to mixing solutions yourself to clean your jewelry, is to purchase an already made jewelry cleaning solution. You may purchase the cleaning solution as a kit or a device that is made to clean jewelry.
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Many retailers sell a premixed solution or a jewelry cleaning kit, which contains all of the materials needed for a thorough jewelry cleaning. This would include the solution and drying and polishing cloths. Before purchasing the cleaning kit, make sure that it is made for cleaning the particular metal and stones of your jewelry.
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Another way to clean jewelries is by ultrasonic jewelry cleaners which were invented recently. Designed to make jewelry cleaning effortless and efficient, ultrasonic jewelry cleaners use high frequency to produce a cleaning motion. Premixed solutions and the needed fabrics for cleaning are usually available with the machine. Some cleanser are even designed to clean not only diamond jewelry, but some watches, and eyeglasses as well.

There are many different methods for cleaning your jewelries yet one thing is for sure, you must clean your jewelries habitually.