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Things You Need To Know About Gynecomastia Treatments

Men suffering from gynecomastia or enlarged male breasts, be they teenagers or adults, know that the condition can result to low self-esteem and be a source of embarrassment. Aside from the negative impact it can cause your personality, it may also cause health problems. But do not despair as there are possible ways of treating this condition.

Treating gynecomastia is usually done through an expensive surgery but because insurance companies consider it a cosmetic surgery, they refuse to pay for it. This is bad news for millions of men who are suffering from this condition, especially as there is no easy way of getting rid of those man boobs. In case you or someone you know is going through the difficulties and embarrassment caused by gynecomastia, you should be aware of the possible treatments available. Take a look at this guide and gain a better understanding of what your options are along with possible side effects.

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An exercise regimen is one of the many options for a gynecomastia treatment. If you recall Richard Simmons who is a fitness guru, he suffered from gynecomastia in his early life and which led him to his running career. Exercise is one of the treatments but take note to select only those exercises which can help treat the condition because there may be some forms of exercise that can make it worse. Remember to ask your doctor for any exercise suggestion or recommendations.
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You may also opt for a surgical treatment called liposuction. This form of treatment has immediate results although it rarely lasts. This is because patients who undergo this surgical treatment rarely has the patience to stick with the diet and exercise routine that should be done after the surgery. While there are also others who are physically predisposed to the condition and so cannot maintain the results despite their efforts. This form of treatment is not always recommended because it also poses danger from infection. The third treatment form available is weight loss, and many who suffer from gynecomastia think it is helpful although it not certainly infallible. There are patients whose gynecomastia is caused by glandular issues, so losing weight will not solve the problem. The condition may even look worse since losing a lot of weight may cause sagging in the chest area.

The fourth available option for treating gynecomastia is hormone therapy. This form of treatment may be most effective for patients whose condition is the result of glandular disorder. The patient may also experience side effects in this treatment form. Androgen hormones like testosterone is usually prescribed in this treatment.

It may take time and different methods to treat gynecomastia. A single treatment will not be effective to every person. Researching on your own and reading materials such as this can help you learn about gynecomastia treatment better, thus also finding the most effective treatment you can avail of.